Good Friends and Good Times

A group of (don’t want to say old, so I’ll say gray-haired) friends attending the same church had initiated the custom of going to lunch together after the Sunday morning service.  They had been doing this for several years. Then the coronavirus arrived. Everyone was advised to go into house quarantine.  The group of friends could […]

Home Decor and You

1. Planning Ahead Plan ahead to have a picture of the end result so that you can work towards achieving that goal. Choosing different themes for different rooms can help tremendously if you can’t decide on one particular style. 2. Limited Space Solution When space is limited, there are solutions that enable transforming small spaces […]

Budgeting for a Renovation

A few things you can do to make old seem like new is painting. Changing the color of a piece of furniture can make it look new. Move furniture around. That chair in another room might just be the one piece that is perfect in the “new” room. But then sometimes we find we have […]

Sleepovers With Young Great-Grandchildren

Letting your nine-year-old great-grandson and your six-year-old great-granddaughter have a sleepover at your house can be quite an exhausting experience! When they were little, and I was younger, it was all fun and games. They wanted me to play with them, chase them, swing them around and around, all the things that little ones like […]

Quarantined Alone During the Pandemic

It’s no fun being quarantined by yourself. Living by yourself and being quarantined by yourself is not the same! Most people have someone living with them and are never alone. When you are by yourself, you have to rely on your phone, the television, reading a book, and your computer. Of course, never being alone […]