Budgeting for a Renovation

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A few things you can do to make old seem like new is painting. Changing the color of a piece of furniture can make it look new. Move furniture around. That chair in another room might just be the one piece that is perfect in the “new” room. But then sometimes we find we have too much in a room and removing something can drastically change the look of that room.

If you have searched your entire house and can’t find that one piece you need, try going to thrift stores, reuse centers, Craigslist or Freecycle. Another way to create a piece of furniture that you need is to repurpose – take an old table and make it into a desk or an old dresser and remove the drawers, paint them and attach them to a wall for open shelves. The dresser can also be changed into a bookshelf by adding planks to the bottom of the openings.

Paint! Paint the entire room, paint one wall or paint two or three walls. A new coat of paint will change a dull, uninspiring room into a bright, inviting place to relax. Painting can also be the way you show your individuality. By using masking tape you can do stripes. You can also stencil patterns on your walls. There are many methods to achieve different results: Sponging – two paint colors and a sponge to create a mottled pattern; Sponging Off – one base color, second coat of different color and sponge off while paint is still wet; Dragging – apply a coat of paint then a coat of glaze and with a long-bristled brush drag the bristles along the glazed surface (a fine bristled brush called a strie gives a look of raw silk); Ragging – similar to sponging but done with a rag or plastic or a paper bag; Rag-Rolling – instead of crumpling the rag, twist it into a cylinder and roll it down the wall which creates longer streaks in the paint; and Color-Washing – after painting the wall, go over it with a translucent glaze (clear or tinted) and apply in short, random strokes with a brush which makes it look more natural and less uniform.

Wallpaper is another method to use to drastically change the look of a room. Wallpaper can be very expensive so papering only one wall will help save money. One roll of wallpaper would allow you to wallpaper a small area or two that you want to highlight.

Since many things in a room are made of or are covered in fabric, switching out some of these fabrics are a great way to add a bright color or get rid of a color you have become tired of. A few ways to add pops of color are new pillows, slipcovers, curtains and rugs. I had a small breakfast dinette suite that had soiled seat covers which I replaced with new fabric and I made placemats from the same fabric. It really made a difference in the look of that dinette suite.

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