Good Friends and Good Times

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A group of (don’t want to say old, so I’ll say gray-haired) friends attending the same church had initiated the custom of going to lunch together after the Sunday morning service.  They had been doing this for several years. Then the coronavirus arrived. Everyone was advised to go into house quarantine.  The group of friends could no longer get together for lunch.  They abided by the rules though and quarantined themselves.  They chatted with each other through a group chat.  That helped but it just wasn’t the same.  They missed seeing their friends.  One day they decided that after being quarantined for weeks that they did not have the virus and decided to meet and have lunch with each other again.  They met in an empty parking lot and carried their lunch and a lounge chair and sat in a circle with some distance between them.  They ate their lunch and talked, laughed, and had a very good time.  At last, they could see one another – it wasn’t quite the same because they didn’t touch each other or sit close, but at least they were able to see their friends.  It helped their morale and uplifted their spirit.

The coronavirus had changed the dynamic of their friendship but it didn’t change their love for each other.  True friendship is a blessed thing and can withstand almost anything.  The joy of having friends that love you and support you is one of the greatest things.  The ability to share happy times and receive or give support during bad times is something that everyone should be able to have.