Home Decor and You

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1. Planning Ahead

Plan ahead to have a picture of the end result so that you can work towards achieving that goal. Choosing different themes for different rooms can help tremendously if you can’t decide on one particular style.

2. Limited Space Solution

When space is limited, there are solutions that enable transforming small spaces into maximized space. Your choice of color can transform a tiny room into a calming, happy place. Opt for openness. Limit your purchase of bulky furniture and choose pieces that can serve multiple purposes. Also, mirrors on the wall can make the area seem larger and airier.

3. Decorating and your Budget

Decorating on a budget can be a challenge. One of the first things you must do is decide on what you like the most and planning how you can accomplish getting it on your budget. List the things that you will require to accomplish your goal. Then you research the cost of your choices before making any purchases.

4. Working on Walls

Be creative when planning how to treat your walls. Coloring is an option – a different color on one wall or a different color for each wall. Or you can be really creative and put wallpaper or a textured cover on a wall. A Mirror wall is something that will give a classy touch to your home. Even better is if you find vintage mirrors and hang them on the wall. Hang mirrors in different styles, shapes, colors or materials and believe us, it will be the best wall decoration ever. Also if the space is small the mirrors will make it bigger.

5. Rugs or Carpet to add Floor Enhancement

Colorful rugs or carpet can liven up a room when coordinated with your existing decor theme. Colorful decor pieces just around the corner can create a sense of harmony.

6. Personality – add Touches of Yours

Have a favorite picture? Love pretty wallpaper? Have a beautiful picture frame? Such little touches can add a vibrant part of your personality to your home. It’s your home and it should reflect who you are and what you like.

7. Measure your Area and your Furniture

Before buying furniture, measure each piece to make sure that all will fit into your space. Draw your space to scale and place each measured piece to ensure that it is perfect for size and space ratio. Drawing your area and placing your pieces also allows you to determine different scenarios of furniture placement.

8. Lighting

You can go classic. You can go modern. You can go architectural, ceiling, recessed, track – whatever fits your theme. Recessed lighting can present a warm and inviting scene.

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