Quarantined Alone During the Pandemic

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It’s no fun being quarantined by yourself. Living by yourself and being quarantined by yourself is not the same! Most people have someone living with them and are never alone. When you are by yourself, you have to rely on your phone, the television, reading a book, and your computer. Of course, never being alone can be frustrating!

Cooking for one is very hard to do. Eating more than you should also is a problem, particularly when you are watching television and the commercials are all about food.

When you are alone, the daily trip to the mailbox may be your only outing. If you are lucky, you might see a neighbor that you can wave to and say hello.

Since you can’t go out shopping, the temptation to shop online is hard to resist, but waiting for your package gives you something to look forward to until it arrives. It might take longer than anticipated because of the shortage of help for it to arrive. But when it does show up, it’s a little like Christmas morning, and you are so happy! After days and days of waiting and watching for the mail, UPS, or FedEx, it’s finally here.

One way to keep in touch with family and friends is to create a group chat where you can talk to everyone at once. It is fun to see all of the comments and know what is going on with each one.

After an extended time, things finally start to open up, and it is permissible to get together with a few people. Plan a meeting with friends, eat lunch, and get caught up on what has been happening with each one. Some friends of mine and I got together in a church parking lot that had some shade. We took some lunch, chairs, and sat for a couple of hours and exchanged stories of how we were getting along during the quarantine. We are all part of a church family, and we were missing each other so much.

I want to caution everyone to be very careful and take precautions when you do go out. If you have little children, decorate their masks so they will be excited to wear them. What little boy wouldn’t love to wear a mask decorated to look like a super-hero? I’m sure a little girl would love to have a pretty cover-up that one would wear to a Masquerade Ball. Children always love to pretend!

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