Sleepovers With Young Great-Grandchildren

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Letting your nine-year-old great-grandson and your six-year-old great-granddaughter have a sleepover at your house can be quite an exhausting experience! When they were little, and I was younger, it was all fun and games. They wanted me to play with them, chase them, swing them around and around, all the things that little ones like to do. It was fun, they loved it, and I had fun also.

Fast forward a few years, and the story changes! Now all they are interested in doing is eating, watching shows on TV that I cannot see why anyone would want to watch. The boy, of course, wants to watch shows about blowing things up and destroying everything in sight, all of which is done by teenage boys or young male adults.

Little girl, who is interested in make-up, clothes, rhinestone-encrusted little girl’s heels, and nail polish, wants to watch videos on how to apply make-up or making slime. She even made a video on how to do your make-up and put it on YouTube, and, of course, she wants to give you a makeover and paint your nails!

I have to make sure when they come for a sleepover that I have plenty of food. The children are always hungry. It doesn’t matter if they ate an hour before arriving at my house, it’s “I’m hungry, when are we going to eat?” Me: “Didn’t you eat before you got here?” Them: “No, we ate breakfast.” Me: “What time did you eat breakfast?” Them: “This morning.” Me: “It is still morning, and it is not lunchtime yet.” Them: “I’m still hungry!”

When you do decide that it is time to eat, you ask what they want to eat. If we are going for lunch or dinner, We usually go out or get something and bring it back to the house. But, it’s not that simple – one wants to go to one place, and the other one wants to go somewhere else! It’s not easy to get them to agree on one place, but I persevere and make them choose one restaurant.

Then comes time for bed. Now I hear a chorus of voices claiming, “I’m not sleepy!” I finally get them settled, the little boy on the couch with his blanket and pillow and the little girl on the love-seat with her blanket and pillow.

Now it is morning, and “What do you want for breakfast?” Of course, the boy wants one thing, and the girl wants something completely different!

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