Sprucing up Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is a must-have room. Eating is a must, thus creating something to eat is essential. When spending time in the kitchen to prepare meals, it must be enjoyable. A drab and uninspiring kitchen does not produce great recipes. Below are some ideas to help create inspiring meals.
1. Pot and Pan Racks
Kitchens that are small and have limited space for pots and pans can utilize wall-mounted or hanging pot racks to alleviate the lack of cabinet or countertop space. There are several types of pot racks. A wall-mounted rack is a half-circle, whereas a pot/pan rack that hangs from the ceiling is a full circle that holds more pots and pans. Of course, one that hangs from above must be situated so that one’s head does not continually bump into the pots and pans.
2. Corner/Floating Shelves
An empty corner nook is a perfect space for a corner shelf unit. If no empty corner is available, floating shelves can be wall-mounted to create additional storage. Or they may be used for beautiful home decor items to enhance the look of the room in which one spends a great deal of time.
3. Island/Utility Cart
Where there is adequate space available, an island/utility cart is a great way to create more storage. It can also serve as a microwave or air fryer stand. In this era of having a large number of “must-have” conveniences, space to store all of them is critical. Cabinets and countertops that are full leave no available space to prepare delicious meals.
4. Wall-mounted Wine Rack
Space-saving wall-mounted wine racks can add beauty to the kitchen in addition to saving space. Some wine racks hold only bottles of wine, but some also provide a space for wine glasses and have a space for corks. Countertop wine racks are also available for those with adequate space. Whether it is wall-mounted or on the countertop, wine is always near.
5. Cookbook Stand
There is no better way to keep the cookbook and recipes safe and close at hand than on a beautiful stand. Some stands are standard, and some are ornamental. Some are very large and may take up too much space on the counter. Some are small but do the job well. Some are ornamental, and some are plain, but they all do a great job.
6. Knife Block Set
Every chef needs a knife block full of serviceable knives. One knife is not a “one size fits all” as different projects require a special knife made just for that particular job. Most knife blocks include other pieces for use in the kitchen, such as steak knives, scissors, knife sharpeners, etc.