Silver Springs Indoor Illuminated Waterfall Fountain

$39.99 $29.49


Is there anything more relaxing than listening to the trickle of water as it flows down a 3-tier indoor waterfall fountain creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere?

This elegant tabletop fountain has an on/off switch and a quiet built-in submersible pump that circulates the water so that the large basin stays clean and free of algae. The fountain comes with natural river rocks that can be placed on the three tiers and in the basin.

The waterfall fountain also has a light that emanates a soft glow which would be wonderful as a nightlight in a nursery.

Included with purchase: one EnviraScape Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain; one set of natural river rocks; 3 leaf tiers; one power cord and adapter; one pump cover, water pump, and fountain base; one instruction manual

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 7.3 x 8.3 inches