Stainless Steel Touchless Trash Cans 2 and 13 Gallon

$229.00 $175.85


These two stainless steel touchless trash cans come in 2 and 13-gallon sizes and are a hand-free operation. One is large enough for kitchen trash and the other is suitable for a bathroom. These cans have a sleek rectangular shape and the infrared motion sensor in the top of the lid can detect when your hand is within 10 inches of the lid. It opens to let you put your trash in and then when your hand is removed it automatically closes. Since the sensor is in the top of the lid, your hand motion must be above the sensor to activate the opening of the lid. These stainless steel cans operate on four D batteries (not included) and allow a minimum of 10,000 openings and closings before needing battery replacements. The stainless steel construction provides easy clean-up and protection from rust and water damage.
  • 11.3L x 7.2W 13.7H inches (Small)
  • 16.2L x 11.4W x 28.4H inches (Large)
  • Weight: Large: 10lbs.; Small: 3lbs.