Indoor Waterfall Decor Relaxation Desktop Water Fountain, Waterfall Humidifier LED Colorful Lights

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❤【Atomizing】-The beautiful atomizing effect makes the desktop fountain lifelike and unique, also a perfect gift.
❤【Landscape Model】-Adopts simulation landscape modeling, there are trees and rockeries, the water flows through the fountain.You can cultivate succulent plants beside the rockery and you can also feed goldfish in the bottom round base.
❤【Application】-Beautiful shape and perfect size, it is suitable for placing in living room, bedroom, office, coffee shop and so on.Exquisite workmanship and detailed carving make this desktop fountain fit well with the decoration style of any room.
❤【Relaxing】-Listen to the sound of a waterfall crashing down, it will sooth your mood and release your stress after all day work.
❤【Package Include】-1 x Fountain Water Table Decor;1 x Water Pump With LED Light

Use of atomizer:
1.When the atomizer is running,the atomizer cannot leave the water surface.
2.Do not touch the atomizing chip when the atomizer is running.
3.Please use clean water instead of turbid water.
4.It is best not to use it more than 10 hours a day.
5.The atomizing film is easy to wear,and the service life is about 3000hours.
6.If the fog is reduced,please use a cotton swab of soft cloth to clean the fogging film.

Use of water pump:
1.Cannot run the water punp without water.
2.If the water output is reduced,check wheather the pump valve is increased.
3.When the water pump comes out of the water,please add water to the water level in time.
4.After using the pump for a long time,please chean the internal scale of the pump.
5.In order to extend the service life of the water pump,do not turn on the water pump for 24 hours.

Warn Tips:
If the ball does not rotate,it may be that the product is not lying flat.It is recommend to pad the unevenness at the bottom of the product with a gasket until the ball rotates,if the stone does not rotate,you can plug the hose with a sponge until the stone can run.

Material: Resin
Color: Multicolors
Voltage: 110V 50Hz
Power: 4W
Protection: IPX8
Hmax: 27cm
Plug: US Plug

● This fountain water feature is earthy and natural, this tiered tabletop fountain is a great decor accent for both indoor and outdoor areas.
● Made of resin that makes this design easy to move and position where you want.
● Rotating water ornaments for a soothing effect with included LED for easy nighttime illumination and a comforting glow.

Package Included:
1 x Fountain Water Table Decor
1 x Water Pump With LED Light
(excluding other decorations)

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